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Video Marketing At The Core

I absolutely love professional video. Its a must! Whether it a cinematic ad, or telling the story of your own home – there is no better medium than video. But, does video and drone footage work to sell your house?  Well, there are plenty of studies done and we selected a few of our favourite facts that you need to consider:

  • Real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without;
  • 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad;
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others;
  • Video attracts up to 300% more monthly visitors, and users double their time spent on the site;

So, you ask yourself, ‘Why doesn’t every Realtor use video to promote their listings?’ The unfortunate, yet simple answer, is cost. Video is an investment into your property, and they simply are not willing to take that risk. I look at the cost of video in another way – the data shows that not shooting a video is the real risk. This is why every home I list for sale includes beautiful, cinematic, video. 

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