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Organic reach

Social Media Marketing done right. I don’t just “put” your home on Facebook or Instagram, that’s free and you can do it yourself! Facebook has recently altered the way in which content on business pages is viewed. It is important that you understand what this means for your home. Many franchise brokerages have been making big claims as to their number of national followers, and how important this ‘following’ is for your listing. Truth is, it doesn’t do a thing.

The new algorithms at Facebook favour paid content. Organic reach across all industries has been drastically reduced and, in some cases, almost eliminated. Merely posting a few pics to a company Facebook page accomplishes very little anymore. It’s a full “pay to play” world when it comes to Facebook promotion now. To our knowledge, no other local brokerage actually creates targeted digital campaigns and pays to promote every company listing. And now, no investment means no audience.

Our dedicated marketing team is always exploring new ways to get the most exposure we can and we have always invested in paid social media promotion for our properties. If anything, these new measures have focused our marketing team to go even deeper into our campaigns. We study how the system works, we figure out how to best adapt to the required change, and we ensure your home always reaches the right audience.

I won’t simply make a free Facebook or Instagram post and call it social marketing. Your listing will get paid and targeted advertising it deserves.

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